Tom's Punch-Out page!
RedTom has a new webpage! If my strategies are too basic, then you can find some great strategies on his page. Check out the strategy to TKO Mr. Sandman and even Mr. Dream in Round One! With a lot of great punch-out information and other great stuff. RedTom is also the Ringleader of the Punch-out webring that I am in.

Punch-out 2!!
A brand new page that talks about the upcoming Punch-out 2. What exactly is Punch-out 2? For what system or emulator? You got me! But a very interesting page that you have to check out!

The All New? Punch-Out!! page by JpG
Another great hack that you might have seen on YouTube is available on this site.  This hack was inspired by a YouTube video that Team Awesome did about a Punch-Out!! movie trailer for a Nintendo contest.  Very good quality hack.
If you haven't been to Gamefaqs at ALL, then where the heck have you been? But there is a Punch-out message board (Mike Tyson's Punch-out, not the regular Punch-out) where all the true Punch-out maniacs hang out.